Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Color Trends

This year's color trends are tangerine tango and gray and chevrons, lots of chevrons..  These are fun colors that can be found across the board from  home decor, to fashion, and even in baby decor and baby wear. We kept this in mind when we are ordering at market in January.  I think we found some fun examples of this year's trends.  Tell us what you think!
Blue ZigZag Burp can be found on the Burp page.

Sterling and Pink Dots Stroller Blanket can be found on the Blankets page.

Crab Burp Cloth can be found on the Burp page.

Grabby Crabby Backpack can be found on the Backpacks page.

Puurdy Penny Snuggle Duffle Bag can be found on the Backpacks page.

Silver Burpie Set can be found on the Burps page.

Look for these fashion trend colors all around you and have fun with them!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Really Cute Gift Basket Using Blue Monkey Everykid Towel

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It is pouring down rain here in south Georgia today!  I hope you are having better weather than we are.  This week a customer sent a picture of an adorable gift basket she made to use as a center piece at a baby shower.  I think she had such a good idea and did an excellent job! The picture is below:
She used a personalized Blue Monkey Everykid Towel by 3 Marthas in the center of the basket.  I love the name letters she tied to the front of the basket.  So Cute!
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