Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monogrammed Bloomers

Let's talk about bloomers (diaper covers) for little girls.  Nothing is more precious than seeing a photograph of a little girl in a pair of monogrammed bloomers!  Little girls should have bloomers or diaper covers to go with every outfits.  You can pair them with a dress, onesie, tutu outfit, or just worn alone in the summer time.  Below are a few pics of some of the ones I have done recently.
Dotty Alphabet Panty

Monogram Diaper Cover with Fancy Monogram Font

Personalized Double Ruffle Diaper Cover with Curlz Font

Ladybug Diaper Cover

We have several new styles that will be up on the website soon but I'll give you a sneak peak at them now.
Ruffle Knit Bloomer

Light Pink Personalized Double Ruffle Diaper Cover

Our bloomers/diaper covers can be found on the Accessories page of the website. The Polka Dot Store Accessories Page

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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Products from 3 Marthas

Emily and I have been busy taking and editing photos to upload to the website.  Here are some pics of the cute new products we have:

We fell in love with the new owl character towels when we saw them at market.  3 Marthas does a great job of keeping their line of products fresh and exciting!  I am getting them up on the website as soon as possible.  So much to do and so little time.........Find these products and more at our website.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gift Market 2012

Good Morning All!  A ton of people ask me where we go to buy our products and when I answer "Market in Atlanta", they want to know what "market" is all about.  Since the girls and I attended a market several weeks ago, I thought it might be fun to take you through a day at market.  We go to market about twice a year but there are lots of other markets during the year and also markets in other cities. Market in Atlanta, Georgia means lots of walking!  There are three high rise buildings, yes, I said high rise!  They are named Building 1 (Merchandise), Building 2 (Gift), and Building 3 (Apparel).  Here is a picture of Building 2:

Building 2 Gift
This is a wholesale market so when we get there, we have to check in and get our name badges. If we're smart, we have a plan mapped out for what we need to accomplish the first day, (we are usually there for 3 days). After having coffee, a muffin, and going over our plan, 

off we go to visit the showrooms. We usually start in Building 3 at the top and work our way down the floors.
I love seeing all the new products and how they are displayed!  The wheels in my mind start turning and I get so excited! Look at this gorgeous view from inside one of the buildings!
Whoo Hoo, there are things to explore! There are bridges that link the buildings together so you can cross from one building to the other.
  As you can see my bag on wheels follows me everywhere to carry all our needed items for the day .  It has a squeaky wheel that keeps us entertained and gives us something to laugh about! Hum, maybe we should name the bag, what do you  think?

Market is not all work, they have interesting seminars and demonstrations we can go to.  Here we are getting to see Bobby and Jamie Deen do a cooking demonstration.  They are a lot of fun.

  We were in the back you will just have to take our word for who is in the picture. :)

 After eating and talking about what we saw that day we go back to our hotel room and plan the next day.  Sleep is the next thing on the agenda!  Trust me when I say we have walked miles that day and our bodies and minds are worn out. 

I love going to market to find fun new products and reorder favorites to place in the store for you, the customer, to order.  But, the best part is spending a fun weekend laughing and having a good time with my daughters and friends. What a great way to combine work and fun!

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