Wednesday, April 11, 2012

While my daughter was here last week for spring break, there was one thing we HAD to get done; make her son a liner for his Easter basket. This was his first Easter and Katy asked me if I had saved her Easter basket from when she was little (o.k., she only stopped using it for Easter treats two years ago!). Of course, I still had it.  She had seen a picture of a basket liner she liked on Pinterest.  Mama to the rescue!  She picked out fabric from my stash and we started our brains thinking about how to make a liner for a round basket with handles.  She found one video tutorial but it had too much math for me so I took out my trusty tape measure and started recording measurements.  Katy did the sewing and I applied the applique'. The pictures below show the finished product and Max with his Easter basket on Easter Sunday.

Wow, the Easter Bunny sure was good to him!

Handsome Little Boy!

The finished product.

I think we did a fabulous job.  What do you think? I am very proud of my daughter's sewing skills.

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