Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hair Bow Project For My Niece

It took me a while but I finally finished a set of monogrammed hair bows for my niece. Since I've been making hair bows for a LONG time, you would think this would be a easy for me. It was always easy for me to make bows out of double face satin ribbon but I was having a hard time getting my bows made with grosgrain ribbon to look perfect. After looking at online videos and talking to a friend of mine, I think I have mastered the technique. My friend, Beth, has always been very generous to share her wealth of information and you can find her great creations in her Etsy store here .

My niece loves her new hair bows. Hopefully, I can get her mom to send me a picture soon to post with my precious niece wearing one of her bows!

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  1. They are beautiful, Dawn! You did a great job!


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