Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Personalized Leg Warmers

As many of you know, I purchased a new 6 needle embroidery machine back in the fall. Since then I have been "collecting" different frames for the machine. As with most things, the right accessories produce the best results. While my grandson  -yes, I said grandson. I may be older in age but not in spirit- was here a few weeks ago, he was playing with inventory as I was trying to count inventory. He loved pulling the legwarmers out of the basket.

As I was putting them back in the basket, Max and I decided he needed a pair of the Fire Truck Leg Warmers by BabyLegs and it would look cute to try to stitch his name on them. Here is the result:

I think they look really cute so this option will be added to the website soon! Let me know what you think! Adorable leg warmers and socks can be found here 

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  1. They are just darling! Makes me want a grandbaby to buy for.:)


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