Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baby Burp Cloths

Let's talk about baby burp cloths made from cotton cloth diapers. I attended two baby showers recently where the mom-to-be had this blank look on her face when she opened her gifts and was given decorated burp cloths made from cloth diapers. The look on my face might have mirrored theirs. I couldn't believe they had no clue how to use these fun, practical, soft rectangular pieces of fabric. In case any of you also don't know, let's dig in and find out!

Cotton diapers have been around for ages. They measure approximately 17" x 14" and are made using a 100% cotton fabric called "diaper cloth" and have a padded layer in the middle. Back before disposable diapers, babies bottoms were covered in these cloth diapers and the diapers were secured with extra large safety pins called "diaper pins".After the child was potty trained, new uses were found for the cloth diaper. They make wonderful dust cloths! You can use them for years.

Today since most moms use either disposable diapers or the cute new cloth diapers with the attached covers. Cloth diapers are decorated and used for burp cloths, changing pads, and clothing protectors. Babies spit up. There is no doubt about that statement. Place the burp cloth over your shoulder and you can protect your clothing from spit up, provide a soft place for your baby's head to rest (shoulders are a bony part of our body), and to absorb the drool that comes out of baby's mouth. When you burp your baby, hold the burp cloth under your baby's chin and the burp cloth provides a soft place to rest baby's chin and will catch any spit up that comes with that precious burp.

Here is a picture of an applique burp cloth unfolded.

Even though you could just purchase a package of plain white cotton diapers, why not use the cute decorated ones! You need lots of burp cloths! Moms-to-be don't realize just how many they are going to need. A friend recently told me her daughter had received thirteen burp cloths total at her shower and they used all thirteen in one day. Her grandson spit up all day long and they used all the burp cloths. So, if you are going to use them, they might as well be cute. Decorated burp cloths can be found on Etsy and of course at The Polka Dot Store. Applique and personalized burp cloths are so popular.

Here are some more examples of decorated burp cloths.

The burp cloth above has two rows of pink Rick Rack and a monogram. 

This is a cute burp cloth for your little princess.

This burp cloth is a great gift for a Baptism or Christening.

The Polka Dot Store carries applique burp cloth by 3 Marthas. 3 Martha designs are fun and fresh looking.Their attention to detail is superb.They can be found on this page. All of our burp cloths can be personalized with a name and some with a monogram.

Cloth burp cloths will be one of the most treasured gifts at a baby shower even if the mom-to-be doesn't know what they are when she opens the package!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Heirloom Easter Dress

It's that time of year again when southern mamas start planning Easter outfits for their children. It is an age old tradition in the south for little boys to wear Eton suits, sailor collar shirts with button-on pants, and Jon Jon's. Heirloom dresses out of cotton Swiss batiste fabric in an array of colors adored with rows and rows of french lace are the proper attire for little girls.

Last Easter a good friend asked me to design and sew a blue batiste dress for her granddaughter. The mother of the little girl is a busy working mom so she needed an easy to care for dress. For that reason, I selected to use baby blue Imperial batiste fabric from Spechler Vogel Textiles.. Imperial batiste is a poly cotton blend fabric with a beautiful finish and is a great alternative to 100% cotton Swiss batiste. Here is a picture of the hem of the dress as I was working on it at the sewing machine. You can see the beautiful French Val lace and the tiny holes in the fabric are called hemstitching. The lace is attached to the hemstitching usung a zigzag stitch with the machine needle going into each hole of the fabric then catching the heading of the lace.

Pintucks or little folds of fabric were sewn on the yoke, sleeves, and skirt fancy band of the dress.

Here you can see the sleeve details. Lace beading was used on the sleeves bands. Any color double faced stain ribbon can be woven through the holes and tied in a bow at the top.

Wider pintucks were stitched on the fancy band and a hand embroidered design was stitched down the center of the band. Ecru feather stitching and pink bullion roses were used in the embroidery design.

The bottom of the skirt was scalloped with pintucks. Then hemstitching and lace were added for the finishing touch.

The mother and grandmother were thrilled with the dress. I loved working on this dress and knowing the little girl who would wear it made the dress even more special to me.

Here's a link to my other blog post about heirloom sewing Heirloom Sewing - My First Love

Some of my heirloom creations are available on my website The Polka Dot store and here are the links to a few of them:

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A sweet little white Swiss batiste dress with ecru lace will be listed soon. Sign up for email and be the first to know when it is up on the website. Scroll to the bottom of the page here to sign up for email.

I hope this blog post gives you inspiration for planning your next heirloom outfit.

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